Twist and slide

Are you too frustrated by the fact you can’t put your table where you want it, because your lamp is mounted to the ceiling at the wrong place? Not anymore, because with the Lightswing flexible mount you can position your lamp anywhere you want it. Loose wires, ugly hooks and drilling holes are history.

Flexible interior

Do you want to change your interior every now and then? And put your table at another position? But are you restricted because your lamp is fixed? Or do you want to temporarily remove your lamp? Problem solved. Thanks to the Lightswing, your lamp can freely repositioned within a 1,6 m diameter. And it can be temporalily removed in an instant. Quite handy when having a party. Create a dance floor, without bumping your head all the time.

Easy to install

The Lightswing can be easily mounted over your lamp connection point. You only need to drill 4 holes for its mounting place once. With the installation manual and the drilling template, it’s a piece of cake…..